An Incredible Opportunity to Learn and Serve in New Haven for First Years and Sophomores

Summary of Opportunity: 

Students in the Public School Internship Program serve in a critical role as
liaisons between a single New Haven public school and the Yale community by
strengthening current volunteer efforts and finding new ways to match
resources at Yale and Dwight Hall with the needs of the school.

Public School Interns (PSIs) work for two years learning the culture and
needs of their assigned school to best pair them with resources they have
access to back on campus. Interns in the past have:

Provided individual tutors;

Connected Yale faculty to classroom teachers;

Worked with school staff on grant writing;

Arranged special programming to enrich classroom lessons;

and some schools find that simply having the PSI around during the week is
help enough.

Please note that the PSI position is not a tutoring job. While PSIs spend a
portion of their time doing direct service, this internship involves a lot of
coordination work. PSIs are expected to spend at least 4 hours onsite each
week and at least 2 hours offsite working on PSI related work, along with
attending monthly PSI group meetings.

This is a two year position, only current first years and sophomores are
eligible to apply.

To Apply:

Questions? Please email with any questions that you

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Volunteer Opportunities