Information for Groups Conducting Online Programming with Minors

Information for Groups Conducting Online Programming with Minors

Published April 7th, 2020
In-person programs for children and youth are not permitted, and policies are in place from the Yale Programs for Children and Youth to safely conduct online programming. All Dwight Hall Member Groups MUST adhere to these policies.
If you are a group considering online programming, please take the following steps immediately:
  1. Register your program on Yale’s Programs for Children and Youth Website.  All groups must register or re-register regardless of registration status before the public health emergency.

  2. Notify Dwight Hall via this survey that you are considering or are currently conducting online programming.


My group registered at the beginning of the semester, do we really need to register again?

Yes, absolutely. All groups MUST register before conducting online programming.

My group has gotten background checks for our volunteers in the past, do we need to do that again?

No. All Zoom sessions must be attended by two adults, negating the need for background checks.

What do you mean by two adults?

Typically, this will mean two members of your group.  In each session, one person must be designated as a host/monitor, and the other person will provide the engagement/activity. 

Any tips for using Zoom?

It might be challenging to get all the parent permission forms, any strategies to make this possible?

Of course.  Parents do not need a digital signature in order to complete the form.  Instead, it may be emailed by a parent - in that case you must make sure that the email address you received the form from is that same as the Email Address of Parent/Legal Guardian on the form.

Please email or with any questions.