Jones-Zimmermann Academic Mentoring Program


J-Z AMP is a grant-funded program at Dwight Hall at Yale that connects Yale undergraduates to middle school students in a long-term relationship.  As college freshman, Yale students are selected to devote their sophomore, junior, and senior year to working with two students, beginning in sixth grade and ending in middle school graduation.  

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Since September 2005, J-Z AMP has provided after-school mentoring, tutoring and enrichment activities twice a week, in addition to exciting field trips.  The program has extensive training before the academic year begins, and continues with regular mentor trainings, reflection sessions, and dinners with peers.

J-Z AMP is one of three in the state (Trinity College and Sacred Heart University), which are all funded with the generous support of the Marie & John Zimmermann Foundation. All three college sites share the same program model: recruit approximately 30 6th grade students who would benefit from more personal attention and enroll them for 3 consecutive years of programming. Throughout their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years, every student is matched with a mentor and one other middle school student. The mentees and mentors engage in the “triangle model” (one mentor-to-two mentees) to strengthen a mentee’s reading, math, and writing levels.

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