Managing Your DH Member Group

Managing Your Member Group

In order to effectively manage your Dwight Hall Member Group, it is essential to:

  1. Comply with all member group requirements
  2. Utilize all necessary member group resources
  3. Externally register your group with the appropriate Yale departments

For more details on membership benefits and requirements, please visit our Member Group Cheat Sheet.

1. Member Group Requirements

  • Record - Form to be completed at the beginning of the semester describing group goals, actions, and leadership
  • Network Coordinator Check-Ins - Semesterly, in-person check-ins with your Membership Coordinator
  • Cabinet Meeting - Semesterly cabinet meetings to be attended
  • Phonathon - An essential DH fundraising activity in which students solicit funds from DH alumni
  • Review - Form to be completed at the end of the semester reflecting on successes and failures of that semester, as well as goals moving forward
  • Code of Conduct and Agreement for Youth Serving Programs - To be completed by all groups working with children, in addition to the YPCY guidelines above

2. Member Group Resources

3. External Group Registration