Neighborhood Pitch Competition 2017: Downtown-Wooster Square

Summary of Opportunity: 

Have a $3000 idea to make an impact on Downtown-Wooster Square? Pitch it!

For the past three years, the City of New Haven’s Livable City Initiative has devoted funding to each community management team through the Neighborhood Public Improvement Program.

Earlier this year, the Downtown-Wooster Square Community Management Team used some of that funding for crucial improvements on Olive Street:

And now, we have $3000 left. DWSCMT wants to hear your idea on how to use this funding to make the most impact in our community. In the past, this funding has supported park benches, high-school interns, pedestrian crossing signs, public art, and more. 

To find these brilliant ideas, DWSCMT is hosting its first ever Neighborhood Pitch Competition! 

We strongly encourage all to apply. 

**How it works**

1. Apply: Fill out this simple application by October 1st (see below if you’d like a paper application!) - 
2. Selection: Of the submissions, ~4-6 will be selected by the DWSCMT Eboard to have the opportunity to pitch to the rest of the Management Team. Applicants will be notified by October 2nd-3rd.
3. Pitch: During a portion of DWSCMT’s monthly meeting on October 17th at 6pm, selected applicants will give a 5-minute pitch with the opportunity for 2 questions from the attendees. 
4. Vote: During the same October 17th meeting, voting members of the DWSCMT will vote for the most high-impact idea(s).

**What do we care about**

A lot of folks might be wondering, what’s the judging criteria? As you write your applications, keep these questions in mind because it’s what we care about the most:

• What is the positive impact of the idea on our neighborhood?
• What is the timeline to implement the idea?
Is the idea within the $3000 budget?
• How feasible is the idea? 
• How committed is the individual to seeing the project through?
• What partnerships are involved to strengthen the idea? 


Need an offline application? Have further questions? Message us or email us at Also, give us a call at (859) 536-4791.

DWSCMT wants to make sure that as many individuals know about this opportunity as possible. Would you like us to speak at your organization? 6th-grade classroom? Church service? We’d love to come if we can! Send us an email or give a call at (859) 536-4791.

Open To: 
Graduate Students
Community Members
(859) 536-4791
Opportunity Type: 
Conference and Presentation Proposals