New Climate/Public Health Projects Need Leaders

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New Climate/Public Health Projects Need Leadership

Launch Live! Car Free:  goNewHavengo is introducing a new Live! Car Free! Campaign to invite residents/students to consider adopting a car free lifestyle to improve their health, save money, and better take care of the environment. 

Create Climate Health and Energy Week:   Goal: Broaden climate change awareness and knowledge in high schools with an emphasis on concrete action to cut greenhouse gases, improve health and reduce energy use and expense. CHEW would be to recruit schools/teachers and provide a variety of program/activity options which may be used by individual teachers, departments, grade levels, entire schools.

Launch Elm Energy Efficiency Project: A Resource for Tenants and Landlords.   Did you know that the average building wastes around a third of the energy it consumes? This new website is designed for landlords and tenants to gain knowledge and information about energy efficiency options and other green actions for renters in the state of Connecticut.  Need to build outreach campaign

Pass New Haven Anti-Idling Ordinance:    Idling is linked to increases in asthma, allergies, heart and lung diseases and cancer… New Haven has one of the highest asthma rates nationally due in large part to the high concentration of vehicle emissions in the city. Key components for an anti-idling ordinance: Enforcement of ordinance with Ticketing and a fine;  Education program and resources for enforcers; Signage and posters, etc to inform public of ordinance.

Build Emergency/Mobilization Campaign: The New Haven Climate Movement (NHCM) is a coalition of individuals and local organizations that have partnered devoted to climate action. What we need in response to the climate emergency is a mobilization effort similar to the one that occurred during World War II - one in which the economy, government and lifestyles of individuals are centered around combating the problem. The New Haven Climate Movement’s Climate Emergency Campaign is focused on creating a similar mobilization effort. 

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