New Haven Science Fair: Mentors Needed

Summary of Opportunity: 
New Haven Science Fair Mentors are needed. The average time commitment is 2-3 months, with one hour per week.
The New Haven Science Fair Program aims to improve science education for grades Pre-K through 12. As a mentor, you have the opportunity to help teachers and students create great science projects. Your time commitment for the program is usually around 1hr/week, but we can work with teachers if you want to commit to a different schedule. The Program will try to assign mentors to public schools closer to the Yale campus for those who have transportation limitations.
Sujit Joginpally is the Mentor Coordinator for this program, matching and coordinating mentor-teacher relationships. He is also available to provide support to mentors with any issues relating to the operations of the program. You can contact him with questions at:
You can find additional information online:
The following is a link to an application:  You can choose a subject area and age group you would like to work with.
Contact Name: 
Sujit Joginpally