Abigail Cipparone

Abigail Cipparone
Name: Abigail Cipparone
Year: 2019

Major: Psychology and ER&M

College: Berkeley

Hometown: Old Lyme, CT

Bio: Abigail Cipparone is a Sophomore in Berkeley College. In her free time, one might find her volunteering at Sunrise Cafe, singing with the Glee Club, or at East Rock (her favorite place in New Haven). Abigail is in love with New Haven, especially since she lived here over the summer (if you are ever looking for some good restaurants, hit her up). Abigail is the president of Students for Justice in Palestine and works to raise awareness about the Palestinian struggle for independence.

Abigail also volunteers with the Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, sings with the Yale Glee Club, and plays French Horn in a number of productions and orchestras around campus.
Abigail is committed to the mission of Dwight Hall because it is essential that Yalies understand and interact with the city they live within. The best way to learn about and become active members of New Haven is to work with the community leaders that reshape it every day, and meet the community members who live just around the corner.

DH Involvement: Outreach Program Coordinator, FOCUS on New Haven

Other Extracurricular Activities: Glee Club, Coup De Brass, Students for Justice in Palestine