Abigayle Troy

Name: Abigayle Troy

Year: 2018
Major: History of Art
College: Pierson
Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Bio: As the Institutional Service Coordinator, Abby works to connect New Haven non-profits and student volunteers. This connection serves integral for one-time moments of service as well as long term relationships for students and student organizations to partnership with New Haven organizations. These include Days of Service (Freshman Day of Service, Martin Luther King Day of Service, Yale College Day of Service, etc.), the Freshmen-in-Service Program, and the College Service Outreach Fellows Program. Abby is highly involved in New Haven and motivated, always looking for new non-profits and students interested in the Moment of Service.

DH Involvement: Institutional Service Coordinator
Other Extracurricular Activities: Tour Guide, Dean’s Advisory Committee, Research Assistant, FOCUS Leader