J. Philip Zaeder

Education:  Yale BA ’13, Yale Divinity School ‘62

Years on Dwight Hall’s Board: over 50 years of involvement

Dwight Hall Student Involvement (if applicable): active as a student both as an undergraduate student and while at the Divinity School

Board Committees and Other Current Dwight Hall Involvement: Emeritus member of the board

Bio: After completing my undergraduate and graduate degrees at Yale, I served as the chaplain and an English teacher at the Taft School from 1961-9. I returned to Yale as an associate Chaplain from 1969-77, and then moved to Phillips Andover Academy, where from 1977 to 2000 I was a chaplain, English instructor, and the Dean of the Faculty. My wife Sylvia Thayer and I have three children and seven grandchildren, and currently live in rural Milton, New Hampshire.

Contact me about: service and religion