Ka Yin Keniel Yao

Ka Yin Keniel YaoYear: 2019

Major: Applied Mathematics
College: Grace Hopper
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Bio: Keniel is fascinated with theories of change and how human beings can create unexpectedly large positive social impact. At Yale, he approaches this academically by balancing himself between the quantitative and qualitative disciplines while, extra-curricularly, he is heavily involved in investing in the Yale Christian and International Student community. He hopes to be part of a campus movement that is deeply reflective on its purpose and values, and how our every day actions manifest or contradict such a vision in our local communities and around the globe.
DH involvement: Impact Analysis Coordinator,  International Network Coordinator, Freshman in Service ‘19
Other Extracurricular Activities: Yale Logos, Living Water a capella, Yale Glee Club, Yale Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
Contact me about: Service and impact evaluation and development, theory of change, leadership best practice, ideas for social impact!