Mark Fopeano

Providence College – Class of 2008 – B.A. – Major: Public and Community Service Studies
Columbia University School of Social Work – Class of 2011 – M.S – Focus: Social Enterprise Administration
Mark Fopeano joined Dwight Hall at Yale as Program Manager in August 2014, where he manages institutional programming and serves as an advisor to students interested in personal growth through service. His previous employment was with the City of New York’s Department of Homeless Services, where he served as a Project Manager for the Associate Commissioner of Shelter Operations. Mark received his B.A. from Providence College studying Public and Community Service, the country’s first service learning major. After an AmeriCorps year in Cambridge, MA, connecting Harvard University undergraduates to service opportunities, Mark formalized both his professional skills and commitment to advancing the field with a Master’s from Columbia School of Social Work in Social Enterprise Administration.  Outside of work, Mark lives with his wife and three kids, and spends time trying to fix his old house, watching Cleveland sports, and finding alternative solutions to Google sheets.
Other Distinctions:
Board Member – Columbus House – Present
Commissioner’s Innovation Award – City of New York - 2013
Contact Me About:
Organization structure, data management, reflection on service and community