Matthew Coffin

Matthew CoffinName: Matthew Coffin

Year: 2019

Major: History and Psychology

College: Morse

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Bio: Matthew Coffin is a sophomore in Morse College majoring in Psychology, and he is incredibly excited to be serving as a Co-Coordinator of the 2017 Executive Committee. Hailing from Marietta, Georgia (home to the Big Chicken – Google it, seriously), Matthew’s family always emphasized the importance of service-mindedness. Throughout his time at Yale, Matthew has become involved with Dwight Hall as an Underclassman At-Large Coordinator and is co-leading Dwight Hall’s Freshmen in Service program. He is also involved as a School Coordinator for Students for Autism Awareness at Yale and loves working with the Yale Animal Welfare Alliance. As a vegan, his diet primarily consists of extremely large salads, but he also ironically manages the Morse College Buttery, where he cooks junk food that he usually can’t eat.

DH Involvement: Co-Coordinator of Student Executive Committee (2017), Freshmen in Service Co-Coordinator (2016-2017), Students for Autism Awareness at Yale (2015-2017), FOCUS on New Haven (2016), Yale Animal Welfare Alliance (2015-2017)
Other Extracurricular Activities: The Morse Buttery, Morse Housing Committee, FOOT