Phone Bank for the New Haven Resource Access Mapping Project (RAMP)

Summary of Opportunity: 

Phone Bank for the New Haven Resource Access Mapping Project (RAMP)
​Second Session:
​Thursday 2/23 from 12-3pm
Non-pizza lunch provided
YLS, room K190A

Help us make calls to local service providers in order to complete RAMP’s resource spreadsheet!
​Stop by for ​half an hour or stay the whole time.

RAMP is building a multilingual resource map of the Greater New Haven area for refugees, asylum seekers, and formerly incarcerated people to use as a phone and web app. We’ve spent a semester coordinating with service providers and community members, and  gathered data on over 450 organizations across 50+ service categories: everything from transitional housing and legal services to community gardens and ESL classes.

Currently there is no single place to find reliable, up-to-date information about resources in the community even for a general audience, much less in English, Arabic, and Spanish. For people who lack strong community ties, English proficiency, and socioeconomic security, accessing available resources can be immensely daunting. RAMP is working to fill this information gap. This project will equip New Haven’s most marginalized constituents with a better set of tools to identify and take advantage of the city’s vast but disorganized array of services. RAMP is committed to partnering
​with ​student-run organizations and clinics across Yale College, the Law School, and the Medical School;
 local re-entry, refugee, and immigration ​organizations; and crowd-mapping app Kricket.

NLG is sponsoring a RAMP phone bank series. Students will contact service providers to confirm the information that RAMP has compiled and
​to ​collect additional information.

For more information, contact<> or<>
Sponsored by the National Lawyers Guild

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