Public Psychiatry Fellowship


The goal of the Public Psychiatry Fellowship is to:

(1) provide field experience for Yale University undergraduates with a passion for urban community mental health issues, and

(2) expand the capacity of CMHC Foundation and its partners to fulfill its mission statement. 

Summary of Activities: 

The Public Psychiatry Fellowship is a pilot partnership between Dwight Hall at Yale and the Connecticut Mental Health Center Foundation.  Undergraduate students will form a cohort led by CMHC Foundation Director Kyle Pedersen.  Students will first receive exposure to the expansive work of CMHC, then work to identify distinct projects that advance the goal of CMHC Foundation while also addressing personal interest of the student.  Fellows will also reflect on their experience through written weekly reports and come together for regular conversation with their cohort. 

A more complete Program Description can be found at the following link:

Public Psychiatry Fellowship Program Description

Application to the program can be found at the following link:

Application to Public Psychiatry Fellowship

Health & Medicine
People with Disabilities
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