Reproductive Rights Action League at Yale (RALY)

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Our Mission:

The Reproductive Justice Action League at Yale College is committed to the advancement of reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right, as well as the promotion of students’ control over their sexual and reproductive lives. In its protection of reproductive rights, RALY works actively within the university community and the city of New Haven to encourage discussion, educate individuals of their reproductive options, and raise awareness of national policy and legislation.

Reproductive justice is a keystone of human dignity and equality. The Reproductive Justice Action League at Yale College is motivated by a mounting sense that such rights are in jeopardy–- from Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court to the attempts by the Trump-Pence administration to cut Title X funding and silence doctors on abortion. By empowering activism inside our community within a national context, RALY advances the fundamentally humanistic importance of reproductive justice.

Our Activities:

Reproductive Justice (PlannedParenthood)
Advocacy, or Activism
volunteers with Planned Parenthood for reproductive justice events and advocacy

Student Leaders:

Caroline Kaplan - Coordinator/President

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