Serve with DH

Serve with Dwight Hall

Dwight Hall has a large number of active Member Groups, institutionally-run programming, and a lot of ways to get involved in service and social justice.  However, we realize that many students aren’t able to commit to Dwight Hall programming, but still want to be involved with the community around them.


Outreach Fellows was created by Dwight Hall in 2014 to bring service to students through their existing organizations, like residential colleges, club/varsity sports teams, Greek organizations, and other student groups.

In addition to being a resource for students, the Outreach program exists to simplify the process for community partners looking for volunteers.

To get involved, check out these sections of the website:

  • Opportunities - Can be filtered for individual and group volunteer opportunities.  
  • Events - Usually one-time events that may need volunteers

For more information or with any questions, reach out to: