Sign the Petition to Save After School Funding

Summary of Opportunity: 

As you may have heard, Governor Malloy’s proposed budget has put after school funding at risk.  Now is the time to take action to be sure that important programs remain in our communities.

Dwight Hall is joining the fight alongside our partners at the CT After School Network.  Here’s how you can help:

  1. Sign the Petition to save after school funding, and get others to sign on too!
  1. Contact your legislators and express your concern about after school grant funding. Find your legislators here
    1. Tell them: “Please fight for full funding in a separate line item for the state After School Grants in the Department of Education budget.” It helps if you can send the Network an email afterwards (or bcc if you email them) so that we can track which legislators are being reached –
  1. Write testimony (and urge parents and others too as well!) about how the elimination of these programs will impact our communities.
    1. Include at least one anecdote or example of how it has specifically helped. 
    2. For formatting, please see examples from past years
    3. You can address it to the three co-chairs of the Appopriations Committee, Sen. Catherine Osten, Sen. Paul Formica and Rep. Toni Walker. 
    4. No later than 1 pm on 2/21, email written testimony in Word or PDF format to and copy the Network ( on the email.
  1. Join Dwight Hall as we speak directly to the Appropriations at the 2/21 Public Hearing. The public hearing starts at 4 pm and will run until very late, and it would be great if we had lots of people willing to tell their afterschool success story (up to 3 minutes). Email if you are interested in joining.  
  1. Help kids (and parents too!) draw pictures and write letters about why they love after school using the Afterschool Alliance’s new toolkit (more info here). Share the results widely with social media and in print.