So, You Want to Start a Non-Profit?

On the evening of Wednesday, October 2nd, various members of the Yale and New Haven
community joined together in Dwight Hall to learn the ins and outs of running a non-profit. The
round table discussion was led by Executive Director of Dwight Hall Peter Crumlish. Curiosity,
attentiveness, and eagerness ruled the room as Crumlish facilitated the seminar. Those in
attendance quickly got an understanding for how non-profits work, the steps to maintain one, aid
on how to attain sources for funding, and why non-profits are so vital to any given community.
Being in a hotbed for non-profit organizations right here in New Haven, those who came really
got an opportunity to contemplate how to plant their seeds if they have a desire to start an
organization themselves or how to deepen their roots in the city and watch the branches grow, if
they already were in affiliation with one. As the rain fell outside on this early fall night, the minds
within the walls of Dwight Halls were watered with insights and procedures on how to build their
own ecosystems adequate for flourishing. When it was all said and done, collaboration amongst
those in the room and creation for those same individuals who would later leave the room and
engage with their respective world’s was accomplished. Overall, the event was another example
of how Dwight Hall– a nonprofit in and of itself–promotes growth for the Yale-New Haven

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