Student Partnerships for Global Health (SPGH)


The foundation of this group begins with (1) an understanding that there are vast disparities in access to health care and health education throughout the world and (2) a recognition that, while we as students are not trained physicians or public health experts, we are passionate about doing anything we can to make the world a better place. Our aim is to learn about a community and ask: How can we use our skills and resources to address a public health problem in partnership with existing in-country organizations? With collaborative, interdisciplinary student teams, we use any skills we can offer (survey collection, data analysis, education) to assist in addressing a specific public health problem in each community that we’re working with. The projects done in sites abroad are done with long-term commitments to our partners, as well as to future members of the Yale organization itself.

Summary of Activities: 

Public health research: Teams will leave for Ecuador, Nicaragua, and New Haven to research childhood obesity, sexting and sexual health, and diabetes management amongst Hispanic women, respectively.

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Health & Medicine
International Affairs

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