Summer (Fellows) in the City: Pamela Torola ‘18, Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Sustainability Intern at City of New Haven Department of Engineering

Pamela Torola ’18, Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Sustainability Intern at City of New Haven Department of Engineering 

Pamela Torola ’18 is an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major in Jonathan Edwards who is a Dwight Hall Summer Fellow at City of New Haven Department of Engineering.

Pam taking a selfie with her laptop

what is your dream job? 

If I could tell you, I wouldn’t be stressed about what to do after I graduate!

what is your favorite thing about new haven?

I love the size. From a small-town person’s perspective, New Haven is happening, and the communities are tight-knit and care a lot about their city.

what have you been doing as a summer fellow?

I am conducting a Greenhouse Gas Inventory of the emissions of everything that happens in New Haven. This includes government, community, and business emissions.

why did you choose to become involved in this type of work as a summer fellow? 
I have been working with the city for a year on their Climate and Sustainability Framework (coming soon). The work that cities do is especially important and relevant today as national and international action waver. Cities are also much more capable of taking swift, direct and revolutionary action through the government, industry and community!
what excites you most about your fellowship and the work you’re doing?
For the most part, my work involves sitting at a computer, web searching, spreadsheets, and typing. So the motivation has to come from outside (although I really enjoy Excel :) ). What excites me is how New Haven is truly a leader in Connecticut for taking steps in climate change mitigation, how much potential and energy there is around this action, and how the folks in City government and the community already are working hard to build momentum for true progress.
how is the work you are doing important for the organization?

We will use this inventory to measure progress as the city takes actions to combat climate change! Without knowing your starting point, there is no way telling how far you’ve come. This and subsequent inventories will hold us all accountable.


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