Thi(NK) hosts North Korean defector and human rights activist Ji Seong Ho

On March 1st, North Korean defector and human rights activist Ji Seong Ho visited Yale as a guest of Dwight Hall Member Group Thi(NK) (There is Hope in North Korea).

“Ji Seong Ho is the founder of NAUH (Now Action Unity Human Rights), a Seoul-based organization that initiates various projects to help North Koreans still in the North as well as those who have escaped to the South or those currently traveling through Southeast Asia after leaving the North. Ji Seong Ho is also a voice on behalf of the disabled community in and outside of North Korea; in a train accident, Seong Ho lost his left leg and left hand. In the near future, NAUH will establish a New York branch and a Washington DC branch to raise awareness and funds in the US.
The day before the event, Ji Seong Ho and his brother’s connecting flight from Philly was canceled. As a result, they slept in Philly International Airport, only two days after meeting former president Jimmy Carter. We at ThiNK asked Ji Seong Ho and his brother to find a hotel in Philly, but nothing was close by or convenient.

Ji Seong Ho responded, “This [sleeping in the airport] is nothing compared to what the North Korean people are going through right now. I’m going to make the presentation great instead.” His resilience and dedication to the North Korean people inspired us.”

Thi(NK) group photo with Ji Seong Ho

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