Thi(NK) at Yale (There’s Hope in North Korea)


Yale for North Korean Human Rights, also known as ThiNK (There’s Hope in North Korea), is a non-profit organization that strives to raise awareness about human rights violations in North Korea, facilitate a public platform of discourse on the North Korean refugee crisis, and improve the status of North Korean human rights through projects including media dissemination and fundraising for rescue campaigns. At times, these issues might seem distant, immovable perhaps. Nonetheless, as global citizens, we believe that we are called to regularly apply our values and morals in response to situations of systemic injustice, to violations of basic human rights. In that vein, we strive towards a greater public awareness of the condition of North Korean citizens. We encourage our peers to engage in earnest discussions of how change might be effected. We are inspired by these words: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (Martin Luther King Jr.).

Summary of Activities: 

-Raise awareness on the human rights violations in North Korea
-Facilitate a public platform of discourse on the North Korean refugee crisis in China and other neighboring countries
-Maintain visibility on the Yale campus through the promotion of the following ongoing activities:
1. Monthly film screenings
2. Master’s Teas, guest lectures, panel discussions
(past guests have included: government officials, political activists, North Korean defectors, international film-makers)
3. Fundraisers
4. Education series

Human Rights
International Affairs
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