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Our Mission:

ThiNK’s mission is to

1. Raise awareness and facilitate discussion of North Korea through guest speaker events, film screenings, interactive workshops, etc.
- provide a public platform of actionable discourse for activists and experts, as well as give a voice for defectors
- encourage our peers to engage in earnest discussions of how change might be effected

2. Seek a comprehensive understanding of North Korean issues, driven by a firm belief in the power and value of human rights.
- public health, resettlement of defectors, information gap, rise of black markets, sex trafficking, instances of resilience, separated families, schools for children defecting from North Korea, international relations, history, sustainable food projects, etc.

3. Identify avenues to positively engage with and empower the global North Korean community.
- fundraising for causes, tutoring North Korea defectors, connecting the Yale community to the global North Korean community

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