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Sexual Violence — And Hope — On Stage At Co-Op High

Published November 18, 2016
Co-Op After School performs Ruined and delves into tough topics

Magee Fellow Reflections: Growing through Reflection…When Resolution Isn’t Guaranteed…

Published September 21, 2016
Reflect before resolving

3 Things that Happen When We "FOCUS on New Haven"

Published September 16, 2016
Dwight Hall's pre-orientation program jumpstarts the year for service minded YaliesStudents serving breakfast at Sunrise Cafe

Dwight Hall Summer Fellow Simone Seiver

Published August 19, 2016
Dwight Hall enables experimentation and collaboration as a Social Innovation Laboratory.

Dwight Hall Celebrates More than 125 Years of Student Leadership

Published August 17, 2016
125th Anniversary

CT Bail Fund featured in New Haven Independent

Published August 17, 2016
CT Bail Fund

Summer Buds

Published August 17, 2016
Summer Buds

Dwight Hall SRI Leaders Reflect on Shareholder Resolution Experience

Published August 17, 2016
What they learned from Exxon's Annual MeetingStudents outside of Exxon's Shareholder meeting

Kevin Cheung - Living History Project

Published July 21, 2016
A reflection from the Living History ProjectLiving History Project Logo

FOCUS on New Haven - 2013

Published July 21, 2016
FOCUS on New Haven

Introductory Video to Dwight Hall at Yale

Published July 20, 2016
A brief video introduction to Dwight Hall at Yale

Hannah Malcolm April 29, 2016 Magee Fellow Reflection

Published April 29, 2016
Hannah Malcolm - 2015-2016 Magee Fellow - bids farewellThree students supporting Flint

#DEMOCRACYSPRING, And What Millenials Really Want

Published April 16, 2016
What do millennials really want? We want you to choose to hear us when we speak.

Panama, Paper, Money, Rage

Published April 9, 2016
How do the revelations fit into the work we do at Dwight Hall, and what could we take from it in our continuing pursuit of social justice?

Your Shoes Don't Fit My Feet (On Rescuing Empathy)

Published April 2, 2016
Perhaps we might imagine a world where we could solely reason our way to acting for others. But I suspect those actions would be weaker for it.

Magee Interviews: Joy Johannes, FISH of Greater New Haven

Published March 26, 2016
When you have community vision meetings, the general population has, in my experience, always had the answers, but don’t have the power, the influence, or the money to make it happen.

Voluntourism: Is it any Good?

Published March 4, 2016
Here are my Top 5 Tips for limiting the ‘Voluntourist’ in you

Magee Interviews: Leslie Radcliffe, Truman Street Community Garden

Published February 28, 2016
We don’t need recognition for what we do, and even if what we do doesn’t work out, there’s value in that act of giving.

Magee Interviews: Chris George, IRIS

Published February 20, 2016
We want to keep the momentum going – we want people who’ve never heard about us and have recently stepped forward to express an interest and support us to have their interest satisfied

Magee Interviews: Bonita Grubbs, Christian Community Action

Published February 13, 2016
It was one thing to know how to make things happen and another thing to understand the philosophical, social, theological underpinnings that must be part of the change.