Volunteer tutoring positions in Hamden, CT

Summary of Opportunity: 
Tamara Nathan-Oputa is a Hamden resident who with the help of an esteemed 14 member team started a viable tutoring program approximately 10 years ago.
We now are seeking tutors for Wednesday afternoons/evenings between the hours of 4:45 - 6 p.m.  This will aid us in  enhancing  the existing services rendered to students of all levels.
Also, we are in need of a SAT prep instructor.  It is our belief that students need to be prepared not only for the daily assignments given but for the standardized testing which plays an important role when selecting colleges and universities.
The location of our weekly study sessions is 64 Mount Zion SDA church/ HAMDEN, CT. We have had volunteers from Yale and the surrounding colleges and universities to assist in this community outreach endeavor and want to keep up the momentum.
Interested students should contact Tamara via email tmopu@aol.com or phone 203 535-9863 
Join anytime!
Contact Name: 
Tamara Nathan-Oputa
203 535-9863
Opportunity Type: 
Volunteer Opportunities