Welcome A(Board): Congratulations to Dwight Hall’s Newest Student Board Members!

Congratulations to Sheila Qasemi ‘19, Keniel Yao ‘19, Serena Ly ’20, and Nancy Lu ‘20 for being voted in as student members of Dwight Hall’s Board! They have all shown incredible dedication to advancing the mission of Dwight Hall and we look forward to having them serve as Board members. 

At any given time, up to seven student members have the opportunity to hold seats on our Board. Contributing their perspectives as students, serving alongside alumni and community members, and experiencing the responsibilities of a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit is a unique way for students to continue to develop skills that will allow them to become effective leaders of social change. 

Serena Ly and Keniel Yao smiling in front of the Dwight Hall sign giving a thumbs up

Sheila Qasemi ‘19 has served Dwight Hall in a number of different capacities- as a Public School Intern at Hillhouse, as the incoming leader of the  Teaching Peace Initiative (an Education Network Member Group and a Dwight Hall Social Innovation Lab participant), and as a volunteer with Community Health Educators. She has seen a lot of different sides of Dwight Hall’s work!

Keniel Yao ‘19 (pictured on the right) has been involved with Dwight Hall since day one and has a strong grasp of the institutional and member-group-facing aspects of the organization. He is a current member of the Student Executive Committee serving as the Impact Analysis Coordinator where his initiatives aim to improve the quality of service at the member group level.

Serena Ly​ ‘20 (pictured on the left) is dedicated to the development and growth of Dwight Hall from an administrative standpoint as well as from a service point of view, having been a Community Health Educator this year. She has also participated in Dwight Hall’s First-Year in Service program and will be spending the summer as a President’s Public Service Fellow at LEAP.

Nancy Lu ‘20 is currently the Treasurer of both AIDS Walk New Haven and Hypertension Awareness and Prevention Project at Yale (HAPPY) and is passionate about contributing to the success of the fiscal operation of Dwight Hall. She enjoys volunteering greatly!

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