Who’s Afraid of Gun Control

As a foreigner in America, I honestly don’t feel equipped to talk about this. I’ve spent a lot of time reading articles and looking at stats in order to try to conjure up something meaningful to say to a situation where the NY Times makes its first front page op-ed since 1920 and a real solution being offered to a mass-shooting epidemic is ‘Bulletproof Blankets’ for children.

But, of course, everything has already been said, and I’m not sure it’s particularly useful for someone who has only lived in this country a little over a year to just add to the expressions of horror and outrage. So, just in case you’re not already sick of reading articles, blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, Tumblrs… here are four articles I have found particularly helpful in informing and challenging my own thinking. May our calls for non-violence begin with the way we treat those who disagree with us.

Why mass shootings don’t convince gun owners to support gun control’, Vox, (David Roberts)

How a Conservative-Led Australia Ended Mass Killings’, NY Times (Austin Ramzy, Michelle Innis, Patrick Boehler)

Can Faith-Based Organizing for Gun Control Work?’ Religion Dispatches (Sarah Posner)

Why the Church can’t stop gun violence’, Religion Dispatches (Daniel Schultz)

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