Yale Day of Service 2017

Summary of Opportunity: 

Saturday, May 13th is Yale Day of Service!

I invite you to join me and over 4,000 Yale graduates, faculty, staff, and students at over 250 sites across Connecticut and around the world for an inspiring opportunity to give back through the Association of Yale Alumni’s Ninth Annual Day of Service.

Together with your colleagues, friends, and family you can prepare apartments for families at-risk of homelessness, pick organic produce for those effected by diet-related chronic diseases, support after-school educational activities for youth, or work on art projects with seniors. Most of these volunteer activities take place on May 13, but there are additional opportunities being held throughout the spring. Click here to search the list of volunteer opportunities and register for a service site.

Giving back to the communities in which you live and work positively impacts both volunteers and recipients. You feel more connected to your community—an important component of overall wellness and well-being—and you help create environments in which others can thrive. You are engaging in the Yale tradition of leadership, compassion, and commitment to a better world.

I hope you will register today to be part of the 2017 Yale Day of Service. The contribution of your time, talent, and energy can change lives.


Kimberly M. Goff-Crews ’83, ’86 JD
Secretary and Vice President for Student Life

Open To: 
Graduate Students
Community Members
Opportunity Type: 
Volunteer Opportunities