Yale Effective Altruists


To spread the ideas of effective altruism through analysis, outreach, advocacy, education and collaboration, and to engage with and enable effective altruistic practice using the immense resources and opportunities available at Yale.

Summary of Activities: 

Yale EA Fellowship: The Yale EA fellowship is a competitive semester-long program for students to deeply engage with ideas and strategies for effectively improving the world. Fellows meet for a dinner discussion every week, many of which will be with distinguished guests and scholars who will share their ideas and their work. Topics range from poverty alleviation and global health interventions to moral philosophy and existential risks. At the end of the fellowship, fellows will be offered the chance to take a more active role in YEA, and invited to make a commitment to a life of effective altruism.

Employment & Job Training
Homelessness & Housing
Human Rights
Hunger & Nutrition
Membership Open To: 
Graduate Students
Community Members

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