The Yale Harbor Scholars Program

Summary of Opportunity: 
Dwight Hall at Yale is pleased to announce a new program called The Yale Harbor Scholars
Program to support undergraduate students who are or were in out-of- home care. The
Program will provide these students with three deliverables to plan for their success: academic
mentorship, financial assistance, and social support.
● Academic mentorship: each incoming Scholar will be connected with a mentor from
the Academic Strategies Program. Scholars will first meet with a mentor from the
Academic Strategies Program as a group, then have individual consultations with their
personal mentor throughout that following month. Scholars can then continue meeting
with their mentor at whatever frequency they would like. The Director of the
Academic Strategies Program, Karin Gosselink, has agreed to provide this service to
● Financial assistance: each Scholar will be provided with financial assistance for
costs related to moving into their dorm room, purchasing course materials,
supporting themselves during academic recesses, obtaining a summer internship,
and applying to graduate schools.
● Social support: each Scholar will engage with other former foster youth at the
university, in addition to professors and other professionals whom members of the
Program will periodically invite to speak.
In addition, each Scholar will be highly encouraged to provide college counseling services to
New Haven high school students in out-of- home care and speak publicly at town halls for
Connecticut youth who are in out-of- home care about postsecondary education.
The Yale Harbor Scholars Program would ideally help current eligible students as soon as
possible and begin in its entirety by Fall 2018. If you are interested in learning more about this
program or would like to become a Yale Harbor Scholar please contact:
Justin Abbasi ’18
Sarah Pearl Heard ’18
Peter Crumlish, Executive Director
Opportunity Type: 
Jobs, Internships, Fellowships