Student Cabinet

Dwight Hall Student Cabinet

Dwight Hall at Yale is governed by a cabinet comprised of representatives of each constituent group.  Each year, the Cabinet elects a Student Executive Committee to fulfill the day-to-day operations of Dwight Hall.  In additional to management, Cabinet acts as the ethos of Dwight Hall, voting in new Member Groups, debating service policy, and passing Resolutions.

Dwight Hall Student Cabinet is the largest organized body of students on Yale’s campus. 

Student Executive Committee 2019

The Student Executive Committee is elected by Cabinet each fall, and is charged with the management of all Cabinet activities and effective support of Dwight Hall at Yale as a nonprofit institution.  ExComm meets weekly to determine and implement priority projects, provide ongoing support of student service and advocacy programs, allocate resources, make policy recommendations and initiate programs for the Yale and New Haven communities.

Coordinator(S) OF CABINET
Sasha Thomas and Daud Shad

Available Fridays 2-5PM in Main Office and by email

Co-Coordinators serve as Chairs of ExComm, and are ultimately responsible for the day-to-day functions of Cabinet, its member groups, and other Dwight Hall-sponsored service initiatives at Yale University.  Representing Dwight Hall at Yale in all activities, Co-Coordinators must work in close conjunction with professional staff and the Board of Directors to successfully manage the organization’s health through proper daily operations and effective long-term strategic planning.  While contributing to the overall health of Dwight Hall at Yale, Co-Coordinators also serve as the voice of social change at Yale University, and therefore must actively represent the needs of all undergraduate students. 

institutional service coordinator
jose Garcia

The Institutional Service Coordinator connects New Haven non-profits and student volunteers. This connection serves integral for one-time moments of service as well as long term relationships for students and student organizations to partners with New Haven organizations. These include Days of Service (Freshman Day of Service, Martin Luther King Day of Service, Yale College Day of Service, etc.), the Freshmen-in-Service Program, and the College Service Outreach Fellows Program. 

Financial Coordinator
Royce lee

The Financial Coordinator is primarily tasked with the oversight of cabinet funds, and besides the co-coordinators, is the only permanent position of ExComm (i.e. written into the cabinet bylaws).  This role includes not only proper oversight of funds, but also assistance with the financial needs of all member groups.  The Financial Coordinator works closely with the business office of Dwight Hall, and must be willing to learn and contribute to the financial health of Dwight Hall at Yale as a nonprofit institution.

Public Relations Coordinator
Kristen Gomez

The Public Relations Coordinator is responsible for communicating the activities, opportunities, and vision of Dwight Hall to the community. She proactively manages the placement of information into media outlets, using press releases and direct communication to publicize and enhance the work of the Hall. In addition, this position also sends out the weekly Dwight Hall email newsletter, designs publicity materials for Dwight Hall groups, and maintains content on the website and social media platforms.

development Co-coordinators
max ackerman and stephanie bang

The Development Coordinator executes fundraising activities on behalf of ExComm and Cabinet.  Commonly, the strategy and execution is done in partnership with the Director of Development and Alumni Relations and complements the Development Strategy of Dwight Hall at Yale.  The Development Coordinator initiates new events and implements marketing strategies to expand Dwight Hall’s resources and strengthen its impact in the community, and is willing to talk with member groups and sponsoring organizations to expand Dwight Hall’s social impact.

New Membership co-Cordinators
walker atkinson and mauricio gonzalez sanchez
This officer coordinates the provisional member group process through which new groups apply to join Dwight Hall.  The New Membership Coordinator works closely with Dwight Hall’s Program Director during the process; and not only leads the membership committee in evaluating each of the groups applying for Dwight Hall membership, but also serves to advise the new groups in assuring their sustainability, success, and integration into the Hall’s community.
Outreach coordinator
Akhil rajan

The Outreach Coordinators facilitate connections between organizations in New Haven with Dwight Hall in order to increase service opportunities for students and to strengthen existing programming. This position aims to increase the reach of Dwight Hall, continue successful partnerships,  and deepen established relationships.  

Freshmen-In-Service Co-coordinators
Nafeesa Abuwala

Freshmen-in-Service Coordinators organize all aspects of the Freshmen-in-Service program. Coordinators also work to foster leadership skills from participants who may be interested in holding future positions within Dwight Hall.

Network coordinators

Network Coordinators manage the structure and health of an individual Dwight Hall Network.  A network offers support for targeted groups, evaluates the efficacy of programming, acts as a united voice for a cause, and offers a community for individuals and groups interested in collaboration and learning.  In practice, the Membership Coordinators meet regularly with their Member Groups, and make sure groups have all resources necessary to provide effective service. 

Social Justice Network coordinators 
jose garcia and sasha thomas

The Social Justice Network Coordinator works with the following groups:

Education Network Coordinator

The Education Network Coordinator works with the following groups:

Public Health Network coordinator 

The Public Health Network Coordinator works with the following groups

International Network coordinator 
fernando alonso bilfinger

The International Network Coordinator works with the following groups

At-Large Co-Coordinator