Dwight Hall Staff

Staff members work closely with the student Executive Committee, inspired by the mission of the Hall, to preserve institutional memory and manage the non-profit organization. They serve as advisors to students in all the various aspects of the work of Dwight Hall, including program development, education and training, program management, Yale and community partnerships, public relations, finances, or fundraising.

Peter Crumlish

Executive Director and General Secretary


Available by appointment in Room 106 and by email

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director and General Secretary leads Dwight Hall’s activities to accomplish its core mission and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Dwight Hall. The Executive Director, leading a professional full-time staff, is charged with providing managerial oversight and strategic leadership, supporting and complementing the student leadership team that changes annually. The Executive Director is also responsible for coordinating program development, education and training, program and financial management, Yale and community relations, and institutional advancement.  

Mark Fopeano

Director of Programming & Evaluation


Available during normal business hours in Room 104, by email and Calendly link.

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Director of Programming and Evaluation coordinates the implementation of all programming at Dwight Hall at Yale. In this role Mark directs a portfolio of programs and supports the implementation of others. He is also responsible for developing and overseeing the evaluation processes that track and measure the success of all programs within the organization.  Additionally, Mark identifies, develops, and oversees processes and tools that support the success of programs, including building new tools and processes as appropriate.

Sevi Burget-Foster

Programming Fellow


The Dwight Hall Programming Fellow supports and coordinates community engagement and leadership development programs with a wide range of audiences both internal and outside of Yale University. In this role, Sevi (zay-vee) builds and monitors data and database management tools, and works on various programs including volunteer engagement, community partnership development, and fellowship management.

Advocates in Residence


As connectors between public service and higher education, the Advocates in Residence  advise current Dwight Hall students and other Yale students on current campaign engagement opportunities post-graduate social justice careers, and grassroots organizing, explicitly introducing students to local community needs.

The advocates:

  • guide the community organizing and campaign work of individual students, and advise student groups focused on community engagement;
  • serve as an advisor for tangible community engaged learning projects by mentoring students on local politics, community dynamics, criminal justice reform, grassroots organizing, and advocacy in Hartford;
  • connect students with career opportunities in social justice and advocacy; and
  • enhance scholar-activism linkages among local campaigns, students, Dwight Hall, and the university.

James Jeter

Director of Civic Allyship Initiative


James Jeter recently worked as the Tow Foundation Fellow with the Yale Prison Education Initiative. He is a New Haven native who spent 20 years incarcerated at Cheshire Correctional Institution, where he completed 20 credited college courses with Wesleyan’s Center for Prison Education. James is currently enrolled at Trinity College and is the co-director of the Full Citizen’s Coalition to Unlock the Vote.

Barbara Mola

Communications & Alumni Engagement Associate


The Communications and Alumni Engagement Associate creates marketing and communications content, furthers relationships with key constituents, plans and executes virtual and in-person events, manages the web site and social media presence, and advances the organization’s fundraising and program goals. In this role, Barbara collaborates with Dwight Hall staff, Board members, alumni, current and prospective supporters, vendors, and others to inspire students as leaders of social change and to work toward a more just and equitable world.

Claudia Merson

Education Advisor


The Education Advisor, who also serves as the Director of Public School Partnerships for the Office of New Haven and State Affairs with Yale University, works closely with students and programs interested in serving as educators, mentors, and volunteers with New Haven Public Schools.  Leading the Education Network within Dwight Hall, the Education Advisor acts as a key resource in developing strong programs that meet the education needs of local students.

Alexine Casanova

Operations Manager


Available during normal business hours in Main Office.

The Operations Manager is often the initial point of contact for students, faculty and community members who wish to access Dwight Hall at Yale resources. In this position Alexine works to ensure that Dwight Hall operations run as efficiently as possible by coordinating the use of Dwight Hall at Yale’s fleet of cars, spaces and equipment, maintaining administrative records, and acting as a principal liaison between the Board of Directors and day-to-day activities.

Zelda Roland

Director of Yale Prison Education Initiative


The Director oversees and manages Dwight Hall’s Yale Prison Education Initiative, and as such, is responsible for its development and execution.  In addition to directing programming, this position is responsible for collaboration and consultation with the program’s various partners, and for reporting on outcomes to Dwight Hall’s management, Board of Directors, and funders.

Vanessa Estimé

Assistant Director of Yale Prison Education Initiative


The Assistant Director is responsible for day-to-day operations, student and course record management, and is based primarily on the university campus and program facilities. Additional responsibilities include managing and supervising undergraduate and graduate volunteers and fellows, coordinating course materials and supplies procurement and budgeting in coordination with faculty.

Tracy Westmoreland

Danbury Site Director and Transfer Counselor of Yale Prison Education Initiative


Tracy Westmoreland is a long-time resident of New Haven, CT and the current Site Director for the Yale Prison Education Initiative (YPEI). Currently all his energies are being put towards building new programming for an incoming cohort of students at Danbury Federal Correctional Institute. This will be YPEI’s first female cohort and second site overall. Previously, Tracy worked for the Missouri Department of Higher Education expanding prison education programming in the Midwest and is part of the Vera Correctional Education Leadership Academy.

Emme Magliato

Program Assistant at Yale Prison Education Initiative


The Program Assistant supports the Yale Prison Education Initiative and its partnership with the University of New Haven in two Connecticut prisons. Emme works on various programs throughout the year, including student support, volunteer engagement, communications, development, and fellowship management.

Paul Bryant Hudson

Program Director of Co-Op After School


Morad Mokhtari

Finance Manager


Johnny Scafidi

Director of Community Outreach and Engagement


The Director of Community Outreach & Engagement leads the planning and execution of engagement and outreach actions and activities with community organizations, friends and allies, and partner organizations.  The position aims to expand community programming while more effectively engaging with and meeting the needs of local community partners.  Additionally, this position also creates programs or supports initiatives that advance community-wide social justice and public service opportunities through the Hall.  Available by appointment in Room 208 and by email.

David Wilkins

Director of Philanthropy


The Director of Philanthropy is responsible for the fundraising, grant-writing, and resource development strategies within Dwight Hall at Yale.  The position plays a key role in establishing the visibility of Dwight Hall in communities outside of Yale University, and ensures that its funding is sustained, from a multitude of sources, and accomplishes organizational goals.  The position also works closely with students creating development and communication strategies, particularly the Development Coordinator and PR Coordinator of the Student Executive Committee.  Last, this position also serves as a liaison between grant-funded programs and its funders, ensuring strong and sustained relationships.

Available by appointment in Room 210 and by email.

Abdul-Rehman Malik

Director of Muslim Leadership Lab


Abdul-Rehman serves as Director of the Muslim Leadership Lab, an innovative student leadership program being incubated at the Dwight Hall Center of Social Justice at Yale. The first of its kind at an Ivy League school, the Muslim Leadership Lab gives students an opportunity to engage with ideas, tools and practical training that will allow them – as young changemakers and leaders – to more fully engage with other like-minded, diverse emerging leaders to create lasting change for social, political and economic justice.