Accessing Funds

Dwight Hall at Yale Member Groups are expected to seek funding from a number of different funding sources, where applicable. The Yale College Dean’s Office has a helpful list of possible funding sources and deadlines.

Dwight Hall funding comes from these sources:

Campus and Community Fund

The Campus and Community Fund is available only to DH Member Groups, who must remain in good standing throughout the academic year. Member groups may apply for up to $1,500 each semester in order to support their service activities. This money, usually $30,000, is managed by the Finance Coordinator, in coordination with Network Coordinators and the Co-Coordinators.

Further information about eligibility and the application can be found here

Social Innovation Prize

With the launch of the Social Innovation Lab, DH has announced prize money will be rewarded to students and organizations that have dedicated themselves to pioneering social change through inventive and sustainable ventures. Typically, awarded prizes are born out of service and social justice experiences and build on relationships in conjunction with communities outside of Yale University.

Further information about eligibility, process, and the application can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact Marquita Taylor at

Dwight Hall-UOFC Service Grant

Since Fall 2017, DH has partnered with the Yale College Council (YCC) and Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee (UOFC) to offer the Dwight Hall-UOFC Service Grant. The grant is open to both to Dwight Hall Member Groups and non-Dwight Hall groups and intends to provide greater financial resources to fund student-led public service and social justice initiatives. Funding comes directly from the UOFC. For DH Member Groups, the grant primarily serves to:

  • Fund new community and service initiatives
  • Fill gaps in Dwight Hall funding and fund things that Dwight Hall may not normally fund
  • Offer a more flexible source of funding, with cash advances and multiple application rounds throughout the semester

Dwight Hall and the UOFC work together to evaluate applications holistically. The funding is allocated through two rounds each semester and is awarded as a cash grant. There is no cap on the amount of funding that a group can apply for in each round.

Additionally, DH Member Groups that wish to seek funding from the UOFC must apply to the Service Grant and can no longer apply to the regular UOFC grant. DH groups still have access to regular UOFC funds; we have combined the applications to limit duplicate applications and streamline the funding process for student leaders.

Further information about eligibility, process, and the application can be found on the UOFC website here.