Dwight Hall offers a variety of resources that member groups and community members can reserve. These include event space, vehicles, equipment and storage.

Room Reservations

Dwight Hall as a variety of spaces that can be used by member groups and community members for meetings and events.

  • Dwight Memorial Chapel – Now used for a variety of multi-faith religious services and secular events, the Chapel was built in 1842-46 as the college library.  In 1932, with “the removal of the books” to the new Sterling Memorial Library, the large central space was converted to create the Dwight Memorial Chapel in honor of Timothy Dwight.  The Chapel holds 120 with flexible seating and contains the Bozyan Memorial Organ built by Rudolf von Beckerath in 1971. *The Chapel is not air conditioned.*

  • The Common Room – This 600 square foot high-ceilinged room typical of old Yale buildings is ideal for small conferences, lunches and meetings for up to 80 people. *The Common Room is not air conditioned.*

  • The Library – The library houses a small collection of books as well as photos of Dwight Hall’s leaders throughout the years. Its large couches make for a comfortable meeting space for groups of up to 25.

  • The SJN Room – The Social Justice Network Room is a classroom style room with a large screen and 2 full walls of white-boards. It is ideal for workshops with up to 20 people.

  • The EdNet Room – The Education Network Room has a large screen, three couches, a whiteboard wall and a nice view. It is a great space for a casual meeting or brainstorming session for up to 20 people.

To learn more about how to reserve a room for an event, please review our Facilities Terms of Use.

Room availability can be confirmed using the calendar below.

Note: To highlight a specific room or rooms, please use the Down Arrow button located next to the Agenda tab in the top right corner of the calendar.

Vehicle Reservations

Dwight Hall has seven vehicles in its transportation fleet that can be reserved: three SUVs, three sedans and one minivan.

Only members of Dwight Hall member groups and affiliated programs can make use of the Dwight Hall vehicles and only once they have completed a driver’s safety course and registered with Dwight Hall. Members can also pick up free 10-ride bus passes from the front office.

Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance and no more than 2 weeks in advance.

Vehicle availability can be confirmed using the calendar below. (Note: To select or limit view of specific vehicles in the calendar below, use the Down Arrow button located next to the Agenda tab in the top right of the embedded calendar.)

Request a vehicle

Reference information for drivers

To learn more about how to become a registered driver and how to access a Dwight Hall vehicle, please review the Vehicle Terms of Use policy.

Call us at 203 432 2420 or email us with any questions.

Are you involved with service in Connecticut? If so, please fill out our new Transportation Survey! Through this, we can better understand your experiences with transportation while doing service off campus, and YOU can enter a raffle to win one of five official Dwight Hall tote bags!

Equipment Reservations

Dwight Hall has the following items available for Member Groups and community partners to borrow:

  • Microphones
  • Portable speaker with microphone
  • Tables
  • Keys to Dwight Hall rooms
  • D-TEN Zoom Cart
  • Needles, crochet hooks, and yarn to make items for donation: email

Borrowers must take full responsibility for any lost or damaged equipment.

To learn more about how to reserve equipment and our guidelines around equipment use, please review Dwight Hall’s Equipment Terms of Use.

To submit a request, please use the Equipment Reservation Form.

Additional equipment such as tables and chairs for a reception can be rented from Peter’s Wholesale Florist (203) 325-2608 or Taylor Rental (203) 795-5251.


Dwight Hall has a limited amount of storage space available for affiliated member groups only.

Please review our Storage Terms of Use policy before submitting a storage request form.

Wedding Reservations

Dwight Memorial Chapel is a unique wedding venue. Couples do not have to be affiliated with Yale to hold their weddings here.

Because of other activities going on in the Chapel, Saturdays are generally the best days to plan wedding during the academic year. In the summer Sundays may be available.

To find out more about how to organize a wedding at Dwight Memorial Chapel, please review our Wedding Terms of Use policy.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 203-432-2420 or email

To submit a request for a wedding reservation, please use the wedding reservation request form.