Managing Your Member Group

In order to effectively manage your Dwight Hall Member Group, it is essential to:

  1. Comply with all member group requirements
  2. Utilize all necessary member group resources

1. Member Group Requirements

  • Record – A form to be completed at the beginning of each semester describing group goals, actions, and leadership of the member group.
  • Network Coordinator Check-Ins – Semesterly in-person check-ins with your Membership Coordinator
  • Cabinet Meeting – A semesterly cabinet meeting where at least one group member must attend
  • Review – A form to be completed at the end of each semester reflecting on successes and failures of that semester as well as goals moving forward
  • Yale College Dean’s Office (YCDO) – Groups must follow the registration procedures each semester to remain in good standing with both Dwight Hall and YCDO.
  • Yale Committee on Programs for Children and Youth (YPCY) – Groups working with children must follow YPCY guidelines, which include reviewing policies, registering, attending trainings, and completing forms.
  • Code of Conduct for Youth Serving Programs – Groups working with children must ensure that each group member submits a Code of Conduct agreement.
  • Transition of responsibilities – An official handover of responsibilities and communication about changes between leadership cohorts. This is especially important if your group has a bank account.

2. Member Group Resources