Managing Your Member Group

In order to effectively manage your Dwight Hall Member Group, it is essential to:

  1. Comply with all member group requirements
  2. Utilize all necessary member group resources
  3. Externally register your group with the appropriate Yale departments

For more details on membership benefits and requirements, please visit our Member Group Cheat Sheet.

For more information specifically about transitioning Dwight Hall responsibilties between leadership cohorts, please visit this document.

1. Member Group Requirements

  • Record – Form to be completed at the beginning of the semester describing group goals, actions, and leadership
  • Network Coordinator Check-Ins – Semesterly, in-person check-ins with your Membership Coordinator
  • Cabinet Meeting – Semesterly cabinet meetings to be attended
  • Review – Form to be completed at the end of the semester reflecting on successes and failures of that semester, as well as goals moving forward
  • Code of Conduct and Agreement for Youth Serving Programs – To be completed by all groups working with children, in addition to the YPCY guidelines above

2. Member Group Resources

  • Transportation
    • Bus Passes – 10 ride passes available in the DH Main Office
    • Cars – Available for DH member group leaders that have completed Yale’s Driver Safety Awareness Course. Availability calendar and reservation form here
  • Funding – Apply for up to $1,500 per semester through the Campus and Community Fund or contact the Financial Coordinator with questions. Students may also apply to Dwight Hall’s Emergency Advocacy Fund for urgent needs.
  • Rooms – Rooms of all sizes are available in DH for meetings and events. Availability calendar and reservation form here
  • Equipment – Microphones, projectors, screens, and tables may be available for events. Policies and reservation form here
  • Copier – Available in the DH Main Office for up to 3,000 B&W and 300 color copies per year
  • Mailbox – Can be set up in our Main Lobby for member groups
  • Email Address – Can be set up as a by emailing the Program Manager
  • Publicity – Contact the Public Relations Coordinator for assistance or to publicize in our newsletter. You can also share your group’s events via our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!
  • Recruitment – Table at the DH Bazaar every semester and make sure your group’s description on our programs page is up-to-date. Refer to this document for  suggested recruitment strategies.

3. External Group Registration