2021 Summer Fellowship Applications Released!

January 21st 2021

Dwight Hall at Yale has run the Dwight Hall Summer Fellows program since 1968, and in 2017, it added the YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellows program. Both programs enable students to have a deeper experience in community-engaged spaces. This year, both programs will continue with a joint application a guiding website to help steer applications.

“We’re really excited to continue this long tradition, and we are excited to see the innovation that students will bring a year into COVID. We’ve been lucky enough to launch a Community Response Fellows this year, so we’re optimistic that some exciting partnerships will come through this application cycle. Anytime we can ‘say yes’ to passionate students and partners is exciting,” says Mark Fopeano, Director of Programming and Evaluation for Dwight Hall at Yale. 

YANA Summer Fellows PosterThis year, there will only be one funding cycle with an application deadline of April 5th, and notification deadlines happening on April 23rd.  “We think having a single deadline date will help streamline our decision-making process, as well as fit well into the natural decision-making cycle of students.  We opted to push the deadline as far out as possible this year to support community partners, too,” says Mark.

Last, new this year, Mark Fopeano will be holding open hours for students with any questions. “Sometimes students wait to ask questions - even though everyone at Dwight Hall has an open (virtual) door policy I wanted to create as many channels as possible to encourage students to come in.  Hopefully people will take advantage, and we’ll see some really great applications as a result.”

The application can be found using this link: Summer Funding with Dwight Hall

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