About Us

Who We Are

At Dwight Hall, we believe in change. We believe that change is possible and worth fighting for. And in these uncertain times, we believe change has never been more important. That is why we do everything we can to make social change a reality, and why we are dedicated to shaping those who will one day shape the world.

Founded by undergraduates in 1886, Dwight Hall at Yale is an independent, social-profit organization whose mission is to nurture and inspire students as leaders of social change and to advance justice and service in New Haven and around the world. As the Center for Public Service and Social Justice, Dwight Hall’s values include a commitment to the common good, compassion, diversity, growth and learning, partnership, critical reflection, and student initiative.

What We Do

Thousands of Yale volunteers are trained to bring a community-centered approach to their service through 85 student-run member groups  and more than 100 individual fellowship and experiential learning opportunities that engage approximately two thirds of the student body each year in service and social justice activities, and promote community-based learning, innovative programming, best practices, and collaborative communication.

Program delivery is organized around three principles.

Engage: Forging trusted partnerships with New Haven neighborhoods, organizations, and agencies through community engaged service.

Grow: Developing students’ intellectual, moral, civic, and creative capacities to the fullest with experiential learning, internships, fellowships, mentorships, and trainings.

Advance: Supporting intergenerational community-building collaborative projects, and incubating innovative solutions that bring about lasting change in the New Haven community and around the world.

Dwight Hall students contribute more than 150,000 hours of direct service and advocacy each year. Each $1 spent by Dwight Hall generates $3.72 worth of volunteer service and activism.1