Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association (YULAA)


The Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association (YULAA) is an organization open to young, human rights and legal aid-interested undergraduate students, which broadly speaking promotes human rights through legal empowerment off and on campus. YULAA is focused primarily on offering its members volunteer opportunities on various legal projects in the greater New Haven area throughout the semester. YULAA also organizes advocacy events on campus to expand awareness on legal issues that pertain to the criminal justice system, refugee resettlement, asylum-seeking, and immigration among other things. Through annual international service trips, the organization also works with lawyers on the ground to open civil actions for denizens without access to restitution in the courts.

Summary of Activities: 
  • Speaker Series
  • Whiteboarding/Photo Campaign: Why does Legal Aid Matter
  • Police Brutality Mapping Project
  • FreshStart Volunteering
  • Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project: Legal Document Translation and Resource Mapping
  • U Visa Volunteering
  • CT Bail Fund
  • City Hall Youth Reentry Research
  • NHLAA Translation
  • Know Your Rights Workshop
Children & Youth
Human Rights
Immigrants & Refugees
International Affairs
Prison Reform & Reentry
Victims' Rights
Membership Open To: 

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