Yale Black Muslim Student Association

Our Mission:

The goal of the Yale Black Muslims Students Association (YBMSA) is to establish an affinity space that welcomes and celebrates the intersections between Black and Muslim identities. We hope to create a comfortable environment for Black Muslims at Yale in which we can engage in discussion and action about issues and topics that are pertinent to our community and the overall well-being of all communities.

Our Activities:

After-School Tutoring
Direct Service
The YBMSA After-school Tutoring Program with the New Haven Islamic Center highlights our values of inclusivity and education and is an impactful community service initiative that focuses on providing mentorship, academic support and growth, and building interpersonal connections with the local community and children. Our committed volunteers participate in one-on-one and/or group tutoring, offering personalized academic support to children at the New Haven Islamic Center. Beyond academic support, this program places a strong emphasis on mentorship, where volunteers serve as role models and trusted guides to assist the young children in all areas and subjects. We offer workshops and activities designed to enhance life skills and develop leadership qualities among the children.

After-School Tutoring
Direct Service
The Yale Black Muslims Students Association Sunday School program with the local Sudanese Sunday School is dedicated to providing students in our community with comprehensive educational support, with a particular emphasis on tutoring. Led by passionate facilitators committed to education, we offer personalized tutoring sessions covering core subjects such as mathematics, English, science, and social studies. Each tutoring session is tailored to address the specific learning needs of every student, ensuring that they receive the guidance and support necessary to excel academically. Moreover, our program offers opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of Islamic teachings and studies. In addition to academic support, our weekly sessions are designed to create a nurturing and stimulating learning environment where students can thrive both academically and spiritually. Our facilitators act as mentors, providing guidance and encouragement to help students reach their full potential. To further support our students, we provide snacks and supplies during our sessions, ensuring that they have the resources they need to focus on their studies.

Yale Black Muslim Students Association Beach Cleanup
Direct Service
The Yale Black Muslim Students Association Beach Clean Up is a community service activity that brings together dedicated volunteers from the YBMSA to keep our local coastal areas clean. Participants in the Beach Cleanup meet periodically to tackle environmental issues such as litter and debris disposal, ensuring that beaches remain safe and enjoyable for everyone in the community. During cleanup events, volunteers perform duties such as collecting trash, removing plastic waste, and cleaning up the shoreline. Beyond basic cleaning, the campaign instills in members a sense of obligation and environmental care, which leads to a stronger sense of community and shared purpose. The BMSA Beach Cleanup provides an opportunity to not only make a tangible impact on the environment, but also to meet with others who are equally concerned about the preservation of our natural resources. It represents the beliefs of the Yale Black Muslim Students Association, emphasizing the importance of community engagement, environmental awareness, and collective action.

Untold Stories: Hidden Histories of Black Muslims
Advocacy, or Activism
This project was unable to proceed due to lack of funding.

Student Leaders:

Fateya Omer - Coordinator/President

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