COVID-19 Impact on Community Engagement

Updated 9/15/22

Dwight Hall is closely following Yale University’s COVID-19 policies and guidance.

Off Campus Volunteering and Community Engagement

For Yale students volunteering or working off campus at least once a week in community organizations where vaccination status is unknown: the COVID Review Team (CRT) recommends that students test through Yale’s Color system once or twice a week (depending on the frequency of interactions) for the protection of both the Yale and New Haven communities.

For Yale students who engage in a community service program on a sporadic basis: the CRT recommends a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) before and a Color test three days after the event. 

RAT tests will be available at Dwight Hall in the Main Office. If you anticipate needing a large number of tests, please reach out to the Director of Programming and Evaluation in advance.

Hosting Community Engagement Events On Campus

Yale students may host visitors on campus, including at Dwight Hall. All events must follow the policies of Events, Meetings and Gatherings, with special attention to the Visitor Policy.

When inviting a short-term to campus (i.e. a speaker for an event), the host’s invitation should specify Yale requirements and visitors should carry vaccination documentation. Please allow for masking at the event, and if serving food they should be either grab-and-go snacks or served in an adjacent space.

If hosting a long-term visitor (i.e. visitors on campus more than four times within a four week window), students should complete the vaccination attestation form.

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