Volunteer with Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut

The Agency on Aging recognizes that older adults and individuals with disabilities may delay or cancel medical appointments because of the physical and emotional challenges associated with getting to and from the doctor. The Medical Chaperone Program was established to eliminate these barriers and ensure that no older adults or individuals with disabilities miss their treatments and check-ins going forward. 

Volunteers meet clients at their homes, take pre-arranged local transportation services with clients to the site of their appointment, wait for them during their appointment, and accompany clients back home using the same transportation. Volunteers are not responsible for driving clients to and from their appointment. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. All volunteers must complete a volunteer application form, pass a background check, and receive online and in-person training prior to service. On average, trips last between two and three hours.

Volunteers receive a $15 stipend for every ride they take with a client. Being a medical chaperone provides volunteers with an opportunity to connect with new members of their community, becoming experiential learners who embrace empathy. The program also helps older adults and individuals with disabilities navigate the medical system with greater agency, dignity, and grace. 

If you would like to volunteer, contact Cherie Strucaly at cstrucaly@aoascc.org or Emily Marble emarble@aoascc.org. Learn more here!

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