Dwight Hall Public School Interns

Our Mission:

Students in the Public School Internship Program serve in a critical role as liaisons between a New Haven public school and the Yale community by strengthening current volunteer efforts and finding new ways to match resources at Yale with the needs of the school. Run in partnership with the Office of New Haven and State Affairs, Interns provide such resources as individual tutors, assistance for teachers, professional development for teachers, and special programming to enrich current classroom lessons.

Student Leaders:

ava.saylor@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; renee.deminne@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; rama.varanasi@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; natalie.troy@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; mona.mahadevan@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; mariana.vargas@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; leila.iskandarani@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; jennifer.tegegne@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; jaehyun.kim@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; helen.tamrat@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; edie.abraham-macht@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; danielle.castro@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; alexandra.contreras-montesano@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; akio.ho@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI;

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