Dwight Hall Public School Interns

The Dwight Hall Public School Interns (PSIs) is a two-year program where students serve as liaisons between a New Haven public school and the Yale community by supporting current volunteer efforts in the schools and by finding new ways to match resources at Yale with the needs of the school.

PSIs spend time at their school each week, learning the culture and needs of the school and offering direct service to teachers, students, and administrators. Interns might provide the school with individual tutors or special one-time programs to enrich current lessons, for example. Interns work closely with an assigned contact at the school to identify school needs and accomplish goals.

Applications to join the 2023-2025 cohort are now open!

Applications due March 26th, 11:59pm:


PSIs also are the eyes and the ears of the Dwight Hall Education Network, observing the work of various Dwight Hall groups in PSI schools.

Who We Are

Public school intern applications for the 2023-2025 cohort are now open.


Danielle Castro – Outgoing PSI Co-Coordinator

Claudia Merson – Director of Public School Partnerships, Dwight Hall Education Advisor

Mark Fopeano – Director of Programming and Evaluation, Dwight Hall


Carolina Zubler – Elm City Montessori

Jaehyun Kim – Worthington Hooker School

Sophia De Oliveira – Truman School

High Schools

Hannah Barsouk – Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School

Mona Mahadevan – High School in the Community

Alice Ao – Hill Regional Career High School

Aden Gonzales – Metropolitan Business Academy

Josie Steuer Ingall – New Haven Academy

Grace Miller – Common Ground High School

In contrast to much volunteering that often begins with the volunteers deciding what to provide, PSIs ask what schools need and think creatively about how the Yale community can support them.

We are seeking current first-years and sophomores to join our 2023-2025 cohort! Possible open positions include: East Rock Community & Cultural Studies Magnet School, Bishop Woods, Wilbur Cross High School. Applications can be found here, and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The final day to submit is March 26th at 11:59 PM ET. Feel free to reach out to the coordinators listed above with any questions!

What We Do

In the past, PSIs have worked in a variety of areas:

  • Classroom assisting
  • Tutoring
  • Libraries
  • English language learners
  • Special education
  • Administrative offices
  • Afterschool programs
  • Coordinating Yale groups and resources
  • Event planning

PSIs spend at least 4 hours at their school each week performing direct service, and around 4-6 hours doing off-site work, such as coordinating with student groups. In addition, PSIs submit weekly reflections on their experiences, and attend monthly meetings with guest speakers, discussions, and conversations.

Our Mission:

Students in the Public School Internship Program serve in a critical role as liaisons between a New Haven public school and the Yale community by strengthening current volunteer efforts and finding new ways to match resources at Yale with the needs of the school. Run in partnership with the Office of New Haven and State Affairs, Interns provide such resources as individual tutors, assistance for teachers, professional development for teachers, and special programming to enrich current classroom lessons.

Student Leaders:

ava.saylor@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; renee.deminne@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; rama.varanasi@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; natalie.troy@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; mona.mahadevan@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; mariana.vargas@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; leila.iskandarani@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; jennifer.tegegne@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; jaehyun.kim@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; helen.tamrat@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; edie.abraham-macht@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; danielle.castro@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; alexandra.contreras-montesano@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI; akio.ho@yale.edu Fall 2021PSI;

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