FOCUS on New Haven

Our Mission:

At FOCUS, our mission is deeply rooted in empowering the youth of New Haven to access higher education aligned with their aspirations and potential. Founded by graduates of the Wilbur Cross Class of 2011, our organization now thrives with the dedication of Yale student volunteers from diverse backgrounds across the globe. We are united by the fundamental belief that no deserving student should face barriers to college simply due to a lack of information or support.

Our Activities:

Our activities center around providing comprehensive support to high school students navigating the college application process. Through our College Application Mentorship program, Yale undergraduate volunteers are paired with high school students to offer personalized guidance every step of the way. From essay writing to navigating financial aid options, our mentors are committed to ensuring that each student receives the tailored support they need to pursue their educational goals.

Student Leaders:

Meet our dedicated student leaders:

  • Arielle Alouidor: Co-Coordinator/Co-President
  • Emma Yanai: Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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