FOCUS on New Haven Student Director – 2024

Apply to lead Dwight Hall at Yale’s Camp Yale Program!


FOCUS on New Haven is a Camp Yale Program for first-years and a re-orientation program for sophomores, transfers, and Eli Whitney Students interested in learning about community engagement, social justice, and activism. Participants spend several days volunteering at local non-profits, meeting local change-makers, and participating in discussions about the context of the relationship between Yale and New Haven and our role as students.

The program is operated by Student Directors, who oversee nearly 100 FOCUS Family Leaders and nearly 500 participants.


The largest responsibility of FOCUS on New Haven Student Directors will be to design and implement a program that embodies the FOCUS Values.

Practically, the FOCUS on New Haven Student Directors are responsible for the execution of all aspects of the program. This position works closely with Dwight Hall at Yale staff to plan and prepare each component, including leader recruitment and selection, community partnership and on-site activity development, non-site based programming, leadership training, policy and emergency preparedness, communications, student recruitment, and evaluation.

The FOCUS on New Haven Student Director role will be held by at least two students and will require 6-10 hours of dedication each week and will require some dedicated time over the summer, prior to arrival in August. That means the student should place a high priority on this program and position among extracurriculars.

Because of the growth of the program, Student Directors will share responsibility with Dwight Hall at Yale staff to outline a clear timeline of deliverables throughout the spring semester, with intensive work in the summer, to deliver a quality experience.

Compensation during the academic year will be $16.25/hour, averaging 6-10 hours per week. You will be hired as soon as you accept the position.
Over the summer, Dwight Hall is budgeting for at least four weeks of paid activity over the summer ($17.50/hour and 37.5 hours/week).


The application can be found via this Qualtrics form. The application due date will be end of day on Friday, December 8th.

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