Yale Children’s Theater


Our Mission:

We’re on a mission to inspire students in Greater New Haven to embrace their inner actors and storytellers! You’ll find us in theaters, in classrooms, in communities—everywhere we can lend a hand to help kids discover the joy of the dramatic arts. Our team of undergraduate volunteers brings theater into children’s lives. We invest in kids, one play and workshop at a time.

Our Activities:

Direct Service
YCT travels to local schools to perform original works by Yale students. Our plays impart important life lessons in fun and creative ways (i.e., "every secret agent brings something important to the mission," "there's no one way to be a pirate," etc). We typically perform two plays a semester.

Special Workshops
Direct Service
YCT travels to local schools to host special one-time workshops such as "Improvaganza," "Marvelous Masks," and "Playful Puppets." These workshops lead classes through activities that emphasize creative thinking and the joys of the performing arts. We also teach more advanced classes at high schools.

Direct Service
Yale Children's Theater is hosting 5 workshops this semester. Our "Hands On" workshop introduces K-2nd students to the world of creative play and thinking outside of the box. Our "Off Book" workshop guides 3rd-5th grade students through teamwork and creative thinking through acting games, improv exercises, and a play written by and for the students. Our "YCT Wordsmiths" workshop provides a space for students to develop written works of any genre and form with a final staged reading for friends and family. Our "Improvaganza" workshop leads 6th-10th students through having fun while thinking on their feet via improv acting games and storytelling exercises. Our "Encore" workshop for 7th-12th grade students stages a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Student Leaders:

Katelyn DeKeersgieter - Coordinator/President

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