Our Mission:

Matriculate is an educational nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower low-to-moderate income, high-achieving high school students to find colleges of best fit. We do this by connecting high school students all around the country with college student advisors via remote/online platforms. Near-peer mentorship is essential to Matriculate's work every admissions cycle.

Our Activities:

Educational Equity Teach-In Advocacy, or Activism -Teach about educational equity -Discussion panel with admin office -Email Yale profs involved in ED studies -Community learns about the context of education system they are in (inequities, etc.) Education Equity Leadership Panel Advocacy, or Activism We will invite 3-5 leaders in education equity in the scope of the college application process.

Student Leaders:

Lisbette Acosta - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Emily Borr - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Marcus Lisman - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Misaal Tabassum - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Wren Wolterbeek - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Kayleigh Larsen - Co-Coordina...

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