Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons

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Our Mission:

This organization provides swim lessons free of charge to local special needs children in New Haven.
SNUGs hopes to facilitate rewarding relationships between undergraduates and disabled children, while encouraging Yalies to develop a long lasting desire to give back to their communities.

Our Activities:

SNUGS stands for Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons. We recognize that drowning is among the leading causes of death for children with disabilities. We work to mitigate that statistic by providing free swim instruction to as many special needs children as possible. Our lessons provide swimmers opportunities to socialize, exercise, learn water safety, and have fun! SNUGS helps form positive relationships between college campuses and their surrounding communities, while also instilling a long-lasting commitment to service in its volunteers.

Student Leaders:

  • Oren Aviad – Co-Coordinator/Co-President
  • Anna de Hostos Barth – Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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