Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons

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Our Mission:

This organization provides swim lessons free of charge to local special needs children in New Haven.
SNUGs hopes to facilitate rewarding relationships between undergraduates and disabled children, while encouraging Yalies to develop a long lasting desire to give back to their communities.

Our Activities:

Biweekly Zoom Activities for Children with Special Needs
Direct Service
SNUGS is hosting a biweekly Zoom activity led by our volunteers! What this means is that every other Sunday from 4-5 EST, a SNUGS member leads some kind of class over Zoom that the kids can participate in, whether it be teaching them to make a holiday craft, a treat, or to do a fun dance! This is in place of our typical swimming instruction, which we are on hiatus from because of Yale’s current COVID policies.

Swim Lessons
Direct Service
One-on-one lessons with undergraduate volunteers teaching swim lessons to kids with special needs in the New Haven community.

SNUGS Swimathon
We will be swimming for charity

Student Leaders:

Ava Saylor - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Marissa Healy - Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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