Storage Terms of Use

Dwight Hall’s building contains several storage units which are used by Dwight Hall and affiliated groups. These include:

  • Room 207 (EdNet) – 9 shelves in 3 closets
  • Room 211 (SJN) – 24 shelves in 8 closets, 1 full size closet, 2 cabinets
  • Room 213 (Conference) – 6 shelves in 2 closets, 1 full size closet
  • Room 214 (Collaboration) – 21 shelves in 7 closets, 3 cabinets

Dwight Hall keeps a significant amount of equipment and supplies on hand to help support affiliated groups and projects. Dwight Hall also makes storage space available to affiliated groups and projects as needed and as available. The space available for affiliated groups may range at any given time between approximately 30 to 50% of the storage units.


The purpose of this policy is to explain under what conditions storage can be provided to affiliated groups and how Dwight Hall’s storage spaces are maintained and managed.

Dwight Hall space must be provided equitably and in support of Dwight Hall’s mission. Dwight Hall spaces must be used in coordination with Dwight Hall staff and only to store items that are mission relevant. Every unit of storage will be inventoried regularly (each semester), and a contact person with a valid Yale netID must be identified for all stored items.

Limits of Dwight Hall Storage

Dwight Hall’s storage space is limited and therefore access to Dwight Hall storage space for affiliated groups is also limited.

Affiliated groups may request up to one shelf (or equivalent) of storage and these will be provided as long as they are available, and the items stored meet the required criteria described above. If requested storage is not available, groups will be added to a waiting list.

Groups who wish to access additional storage must submit a short application. Dwight Hall staff and ExComm members will review applications and make a determination based on availability of additional storage and need. Additional storage will be distinguished from the basic one shelf of storage and may need to be returned to Dwight Hall if demand for basic storage from other affiliated groups increases.

Accessing Dwight Hall Storage

QR Codes are posted in each storage space to facilitate access to the online storage request form. Upon receipt of a submitted form, the Operations Manager will follow up with the person who submitted the request to confirm the placement of items and make any changes if needed. Space will be provided as long as it is available and the items to be stored are mission related.

Affiliated groups requesting storage can also request storage by contacting the Operations Manager directly.

Removing items from Dwight Hall Storage

The same QR Codes should be used when individuals remove items from the storage units, so that the inventory can be updated.

Management of Dwight Hall Storage

The Operations Manager keeps an up-to-date inventory of each storage space in Salesforce, so that Dwight Hall knows what items are being stored, who is responsible for them, and how much space is available.

Items must be kept in labeled boxes, bins or bags unless they are too large to fit in such containers.

A month before the end of each semester (generally in mid-November and early April), the Operations Manager will reach out to contacts for each stored item to ensure that the items have been recently inventoried and that the stored items will be used for mission related activities during the following semester. If the contact person is graduating or otherwise leaving Yale, they will need to name a new contact person. If contacts do not respond by the end of the semester, items will be considered unclaimed and may be disposed of by Dwight Hall staff.