Summer Fellows 2024 Application for Partial Funding – Due May 15th

Dwight Hall Summer Fellows was created in the summer of 1968 with a singular challenge: establish the environment for students to create social change through full-time, paid engagement in coordination with community partners. In its current form, Dwight Hall has expanded the number of opportunities to receive summer funding.

There are two application deadlines for Summer Fellows 2024: one for full funding that closed February 29th, and one for partial funding on May 15th. Detailed information about partial funding can be found on the program guidance page, which includes information on eligibility criteria and the fellowship selection process.

For an overview of all Dwight Hall summer opportunities, visit this page.

Apply to be a 2024 Dwight Hall Summer Fellow with partial funding below:

Separate Deadlines for Full and Partial Funding

We are enthusiastic about creating pathways to careers in the social sector for as many students as possible. As we’ve refined our programming and worked with students, we have learned that some students are left out of the funding process, while other students with financial needs are often left with incomplete funding sources.

In 2024, we’ve expanded our thinking to include more students.

Full funding applications will be due on February 29th, and will have a preference for projects in New Haven or students proposing projects in their hometown. Additional preference will be shown for students with financial need, especially graduating seniors.

Partial funding applications will be due on May 15th, intentionally AFTER all other funding deadlines. We anticipate this funding to be more popular for students that are working in comparably expensive cities like New York City, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston. Additionally, we also anticipate this funding to be a popular option for students that are working only part-time on a summer project in addition to other work they have committed to. The maximum amount of funding will be $1,500 for this student.

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